About Us

Established with an aim of creating a lasting legacy that contributes to the way we learn new languages and promote global community, Qaiwa is a place where you can learn and master a language at your terms and at your own time.

Qaiwa was created by Denver, a former student of Osaka University of Foreign Studies (now a part of Osaka University). He majored in English and International Relations at OUFS. He then took his masters degree in International Cooperation at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. When Denver first came to Japan he had no knowledge of the Japanese language. As a result, he struggled to learn the language during his first years in the country. With the support he received from his Japanese friends and classmates he survived the hardships and vowed to return the favor someday.

Denver gathered thoughts and opinion from his former university colleagues, and those who are passionate in making learning a new language easier for everyone. As a result, Qaiwa was born to provide what Japan needs – a freer and more affordable way of learning the English language while still supporting the livelihood of many English instructors.

What's Your Lesson's Worth?

Qaiwa strives to provide instructors with the freedom to value their services by allowing them to decide how much their services are worth. With such approach, lessons are more affordable than the price structure of traditional Eikaiwa schools while still providing instructors with enough income to provide for their well-being. Instructors can freely set their schedules, lesson plans, and their lessons' prices.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Aside from giving teachers a bigger share of their income, students also benefit from this approach. They are provided with an effective platform where they can study their desired language and pick an instructor based on their budget. Students can choose how to learn a new language – online or face-to-face or regularly or at their own convenience.

Qaiwa doesn't set the price. We allow students to choose language instructors according to their needs and budget. If you are ready to learn a new language or become a part of a group whose members are all passionate about languages, then it's time that you join Qaiwa!

Our Company Vision

Qaiwa is an organization managed and owned by Open Japan LLC, a company founded by Denver himself. It is a company founded based on a vision of a country where all women are empowered, foreigners are first class citizens, and every Japanese is bilingual – a Japan that not only has the heart to grow internally, but also the tools to help her expand internationally.