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How A Second Language Can Change Your Life


When you were a child, you learned to speak one language. You used it to converse with your family at home and your friends in school. Yo...
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What Does It Take To Be An Effective Online Language Instructor


First Sunrise: A Successful 2017 from


Happy New Year to all of you! This is an image of the First Sunrise of 2017 in Japan. In Japanese: 2017の初めての日の出。May t...
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10 Most Inspirational Quotes For Language Learners


Here in Qaiwa, we encourage language learners to have the best learning experience. This would start with having the right frame of mind ...
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10 Effective Strategies When Learning a Second Language


Learning a second language is hard work. Second language learners have to fight through several hurdles that prevent them from learning a...
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Discover 7 Tips To Learn A New Language From This Video [WATCH]


Qaiwa offers an excellent solution to anyone who wants to learn a new language. However, there are other ways to learn a new language oth...
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7 Best Countries To Study English And Get Constant Practice


Investing a period of time abroad to study English is clearly an exciting and extraordinary decision. If you are concerned that your Eng...
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8 Qualities Of An Effective Language Teacher


If you have the means it's good to have that perfect mentor to help you study or learn new skills. Having a mentor helps a lot in poin...
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10 Effective Tips in Learning a Second Language


Learning a new language requires tremendous effort and energy. Be that as it may, there are ways in how you can accelerate your advanceme...
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Welcome to, a place in the web created specifically to provide students with a central place to find a language instructor/tuto...
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