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Hi! My name is Sarah, I am a native English speaker from South Africa, currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. I studied Psychology at the University of Pretoria and graduated in 2013. I have taught English as a second language to schools in Thailand, and as an online teacher, I have adequate skills to help you learn in a unique way that best suites your abilities. I am patient, kind and have a very broad knowledge of all different types of knowledge. 

I can teach basic English all the way up to Business English, it all depends on what you are interested in learning.

My hobbies include traveling, reading, painting, art, exploring, photography and writing. I am an outspoken person who is easy to get a long with. I pride myself in my knowledge and my hard work that has gotten me to where I am today. 

I look forward to chatting to you more during our lesson.

Sarah-Jane Kirkup


Lessons and Services

All about Africa


Africa! The continent with the most vast wildlife.

I am from South Africa, so lets talk about Africa and learn new things about this beautiful country. No we do not ride lions and have cheetah's as pets. Learn about the real African life.

Topics include:

- Cape Town
- The Big 5 (Animal group)
- How many countries are in Africa?
- Different cultures in Africa

lesson duration: 45m

Dream Destination Holiday


I love travel so talking about dream destination holidays can keep me talking for hours! 

If you want to practise your conversational skills, let us talk about our dream holidays and why we want to go there. 

My dream holiday was to The Netherlands, and I made it happen over December 2016. 

Where is your dream destination? I would love to talk about it.

Let's chat!

lesson duration: 45m

Introduction to Parts of Speach in English


Grammar lesson - Parts of Speech

Every word in an English sentence is named according to its function.

There are 8 parts of speech:

1. Noun

2. Pronoun

3. Adjective

4. Verb.

5. Adverb

6. Conjunction

7. Preposition

8. Article

In this lesson we will talk about why we have parts of speech in the English language.

We will talk about each parts of speech and make sure that you, the learner, properly understands the concept of each part before we go in depth about the function of each parts of speech.

lesson duration: 45m



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