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Hi! My name is Monica and I'm from Manila, Philippines. I graduated with the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing. I enjoy listening and reading stories from people all around the world. I love cats. I've been teaching English language to Korean, Chinese, and Japanese students for few years now.

I enjoy food photography as well. But what I love the most is to teach English because I find great satisfaction whenever I see students learn from what I teach. I enjoy helping others to improve their English speaking skills through conversations about many topics. It gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and be able to know the culture of others.

My philosophy when it comes to learning anything particularly in language, if it's not fun, then it isn't sustainable. I'll make sure that you're engaged and interested the whole lesson. I will speak very clearly and slowly and have a ton of patience just for you. I will correct you if you make mistakes, but not until the lesson is over or there is a pause in the conversation. It's better to keep talking and make a few mistakes rather than trying to speak less but accurately and perfectly.

In my teaching experience for a few years now, I have come across people with different levels of communication skills. I pay attention on how my students pronounce English words, and to those who have difficulties in pronouncing it. I also love to teach English grammar, vocabulary, and spelling.

I can't wait to share my experiences with you and also to get to know about you and your experiences too. I promise your English will improve tremendously and each lesson will be enjoyable and interesting. I hope that having class with me can help you understand and speak the English language with ease.


Lessons and Services

Idioms to Express Happiness in English


People always like expressing their happiness to their loved ones. In this lesson you would learn to use certain phrases and idioms to express your happiness to other people.

1) On cloud nine- A person is on cloud nine is very happy because something wonderful has happened.

2) Like a dog with two tails- It is an idiom expressing extreme happiness. 

3) Full of the joys of spring- It means you are happy, enthusiastic and full of energy.

4) Happy Camper- Someone who is very content with their life and has no complaints.

5) Over the moon- Someone who is over the moon is happy and feels wonderful.

6) Paint the town res- If you paint the town red it means you go out.

lesson duration: 60m

Shopping for clothes vocabulary


In this English lesson, I'm gonna tell you about different kinds of shops and different expressions you could use when you are shopping.

Shopping center mall- Is a large building full of different shops and brands.

Boutique- Is a small shop and is usually expensive because they are designer labelled clothes.

Chain store- Is a retail store that has different branches.

Factory outlet- Clothes directly come from the factory and are not very expensive. They are mostly on a trial basis.

Department store- Is a large huge store where you get a lot of things, like grocery, clothes, accessories, kitchen utensils etc.

Questions you would ask a sales person:

I'm looking for a blue

lesson duration: 60m

Dining Etiquette Rules in the Restaurant


In this dining etiquette lesson, we will learn 4 things to avoid at the dinner table. Mealtimes are absolutely vital for family bonding and developing social skills. However, technology is taking over the dinner table these days. People have their heads buried in their phones. Whether you are dining with family or friends or even with your peers, there are certain sociable skills that you require.

When at the dinner table with people around, there are certain things that you need to avoid. Things that can be little offensive and that you need to avoid.

Be courteous and let others speak before you

The host should always be in charge

Never pull out someone's chair for them.

Consider the restrestaurant

lesson duration: 60m

Ways to Say Goodbye


We have lots of different expressions for saying simple things. These are the examples and different ways to say goodbye. 

Tired of saying goodbye?

Want to take your boring goodbye and turn it into something friendlier or more interesting?

These are the common ways of saying goodbye in English

1. Bye- this is the standard goodbye. It's short, simple, and you can say it to absolutely anyone. 

2. Bye bye- this sweet and babyish expressions is usually only used when speaking to children.

3. See you later, see you soon, or talk to you later- these are appropriate for anyone, from co-workers to friends.

4. I've got to get goin or must be going- these are good expreexpressions

lesson duration: 60m

Business Etiquette Rules for Meetings


Even if you dread meetings, Meetings put you in front of co-workers and bosses who you may not work with on a regular basis. Is it acceptable to eat during a meeting, or check your phone? Should you be the person asking questions at the end? Is it acceptable to eat during a meeting , or check your phone?

Should you be the person asking questions at the end? If broken, the unwritten rules of meeting professionalism may damage your reputation.

To get a better idea of how to maintain a positive, professional image while in a meeting.

Be on time

Acknowledge instructions

Speak up to the ears

Keep your phone at bay 

Time your questions




lesson duration: 60m

Hobbies and Interests


Talking about hobbies and interests (Asking questions and replying)

It's a great way to make friends while having a conversation about your hobbies and interest. In this spoken English lesson you will learn how to ask about someone's hobbies and how to reply when you are asked your interest.

Questions to ask someone about their hobbies and interests.

1) What do you like doing?

2) What sort of hobbies do you have?

3) What do you do in your free time?

Basic replies to questions about hobbies and interests.

I like/ love + noun/gerund(ing form)

1) I love football

2) I like watching football

3) I love photography

4) I like playing tennis


lesson duration: 60m

Workplace Idioms and Slang Words used in the US


Idiomatic expressions and slang words have long played an important role in the English language. At times that you watch this American movie or tv shows, you tend to get a little bit confused on certain phrases that they use.

Today, I'm gonna show you common idioms that are being use in a corporate world. So let's have a look:

To axe someone

Back to the drawing board

Back to the salt mines

Blue collar worker


Bumped up

Carve out a niche

lesson duration: 60m

Idioms with numbers


Learn some of the handpicked idioms with numbers ranging from one to ten.

One track mind

Cut two ways

Phony as a three

On all fours

Take five

Behind the eight ball

Dress to the nines

lesson duration: 60m

7 Common Job Interview question and answers


When you apply for a job and you called for an interview. There are various questions that the interviewer will ask. The more you prepare the more chances that you will get hired. These are the questions you might encounter during your interview.

Tell me a little about yourself

What are your strengths?

What are your weaknesses?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

What do you know about our company?

Are you good at dealing with change?

Do you work under pressure?

lesson duration: 60m

Asking and Giving Directions in English


In this lesson, we will talk about how to give directions correctly. The quickest and easiest way is to keep it simple and crisp, you could start by saying the quickest/easiest way is to

1.Go left, right, straight, down, up, 

2. Take road name: you can also take the road name or number.

3. Turn right or left if the person is driving as he would need to turn his steering wheel in a particular direction. 

4. Stay on

There are other things you can mention while giving directions to people. Use transition words as they make it easier for the people to find their way through.

lesson duration: 60m

On an Airplane- Vocabulary lesson


English is the most common second language that crew members speak in a flight. Whether you are a student, business man, or a leisure traveller, this lesson can help you learn important words and expressions to use while you are on an airplane.

To board a plane or Embark- to get on the plane which is ready to takeoff.

Cabin- the interior of the aircraft.

Flight attendant- Man or Woman who provides service for passengers during a flight.

Aisle- the long empty space that you walk down

Overhead bin- the place above the seats for storing luggage.

Galley- A kitchen or an area with kitchen facilities in a plane.

Cockpit- the part of the plane where the captain and his co pilots sit.


lesson duration: 60m

IELTS Speaking Test Score better band in IELTS


In this English lesson, we will talk about the key elements to get good scores in your IELTS speaking test. Use these surefire tips to achieve your targeted band score in the IELTS speaking test. Please refer to our grammar lessons for more.

1.Grammatical Range- for upper intermediate and above.

Aim: to use complex sentences naturally

2. Grammatical Accuracy- for intermediate and below.

Aim: to know the possible tenses required in each part of the speaking test.

Examiner: task 2 topic: describe a foreign language you have learned.

Task 3 meaning: also many tasks in part 3 of the IELTS speaking test ask us to talk about future possibilities. So be prepared to use future tense for the ns

lesson duration: 60m

Best Ways to Sign off an Email(Business Email Writing Tips)


In this English Lesson you will learn the different sign offs that you can use to conclude your email, message or a letter. Another Enish term for sign offs as it reflects your relationship with the recipient. Below are some tips that you need to follow while signing off and different phrases that can be used as sign offs.


Don't Conclude with quotes

Avoid adding too many details

Don't include sign offs once you have started a thread.

Ways to Sign Off

1. Regards

2. Thank you so much

3. Looking forward

4. Sincerely yours

5. Cheers

6. Ciao

7. Xoxo




lesson duration: 60m

Phrasal Verbs About Money


Another English Grammar lesson to learn phrasal verbs. This time you will learn phrasal verbs about money. Yes, it's true we all talk about money using phrasal verbs.

Let's learn some English!

To save up

To cough up

To cut back

To fork out

To splash out

To pay off

Rip off


lesson duration: 60m

Professional cover letter phrases for a job resume


In this Business English and Job Interview skills lesson you will learn phrases to write an impressive and effective cover letter when applying for a job. A cover letter is a document that is sent with your resume to provide an introduction to the employer. Below are the phrases that you can use to create a good first impression.

Business English Phrases to start a cover letter.

Reasons for applyin for the job.

1. My professional skills appear to be well suited to your company's requirements.

2. This position represent an opportunity to continue my commited career path. 

Business English Phrases to Close a Cover Letter

1. If you are interested, please contact me


lesson duration: 60m

How to talk about Work-time/work hours in English


Work time or working hours is the period of time that you spend doing work and you are paid for it. In English there are words and phrase to describe or to talk about our work hours. Standard workibg hours of countries worldwide are around 40-44 hours per week. Working time may vary from person to person often depending on the job location,culture,or lifestyle choices. 

Starting time/leaving time

Full time

Part time

Over time

Time off in lieu


Time sheet



lesson duration: 60m

Business Appointments,Scheduling and Cancelling


In this Business English lesson you will learn to make, change, and cancel appointments. In the Business world, people meet their clients, suppliers, owners, on a regular basis and task for many.

Making Appointments: can take you awhile if both the parties have busy schedule, therefore requesting for an appointment and suggesting the day and time is favorable.


Declining and Suggesting

Cancelling and Changing


lesson duration: 60m

Business Essential Job Vocabulary


Let's begin by answering the question, "Where do you work?" This seems like a simple question, but there are many ways to answer it:

I work at...

I work in...

I work for...

I work with...

You're going to learn when to use each preposition, as well as some key English vocabulary regarding work and job.

Each preposition is correct in a different context.

I work at/for (name of company)

example: I work at Espresso English.

I work for Nike.

You can also use for direct in a famous person.

I work for (a person)

I work for Tom Cruise.

I'm his public relations manager.

lesson duration: 60m

10 Common expressions use in Business English


In this lesson I'm gonna teach you some common expressions used in Business English. In a business environment there are situations where we need to use correct expressions and we fall short of them. These common expressions would help you to express your thoughts more clearly in various situations. Maybe agreeing or disagreeing on something, displaying your happiness or displeasure, closing a deal etc.

lesson duration: 60m

Common errors made in Business Writing


When you make mistakes in writing a business email or business letter, your image doesn't come out as a thorough professional. In this business English lesson, I'm gonna point some common errors made by professionals and executives while writing business emails and business letters. Once you understand these errors made in business writing, you would certainly not repeat them again and make your business writing look professional.

lesson duration: 60m

10 Business Lessons you should learn as an Entrepreneur


Valuable Business Lessons

1. Choose business partners wisely- do background checks. It's like a marriage and legally binding.

2. Control overhead expenses- you pay everyone else before you're paid.

3. Don't be afraid of hardwork- the mountain is steep, and you have to climb it.

4. Take your pride and throw it out the window- you will have to do any and everything to be successful. Swalow your pride.

5. Know when it's time to move on- Shoot the bleeding dog. 

6. Look for opportunity everywhere- search out for markets that are unfulfilled.

7. Hire smart and surround yourself with good people- not just qualified but people who you want to be associated with; o

lesson duration: 60m

Business Negotiations Idioms


One of the most important skill one can hold id the ability to negotiate. Negotiation is a dialogue between two or more people or parties intended to reach to an understanding or come to an agreement. 

Here are some Business negotiation idioms for you:

1. Above board- if business negotiations are open, legal and honest.

2. Bend over backwards- it means you try very hard to do something in order to please someone.

3. Blank check- To give someone the permission to authorize someone to do what they think is the best in a situation.

4. Bide your time- to wait patiently for a good opportunity to do something.

5. Blow a deal- to ruin a business deal with someone.

6. Get the raw 

lesson duration: 60m

How to Negotiate Effectively in a Business


Most salesperson and business owners hear statements like this every day. That means it is important to learn how to negotiate more effectively. Negotiation is defined as a discussion among individuals, each one trying to present his best idea to come to a conclusion benefiting all. An individual gains nothing out of conflict and misunderstanding; instead it leads to stress and anxiety. It is always advisable to compromise to the best extent possible and try to find out an alternative which satisfies all. An individual needs to adopt certain skills for a successful and effective negotiation. 


lesson duration: 60m

8 Power words for Business Managers


In this Business English Lesson, you will learn useful English phrases and vocabulary in order to be successful manager.

1. Awesome- 

2. Fantastic

3. Marvellous

4. Jubilant

5. Resolve

6. Ingenious

7. Vigorous

8. Exciting

lesson duration: 60m

Tagalog for Beginners


Tagalog belongs to the same family (Malayo-Polynesian) as Malay and Indonesian so they are related. But it shows many influences from Sanskrit, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and more recently English. Tagalog at basic level is very easy. Like Malay, it employs the use of suffixes to make the language work. It uses agglutination (adding affixes to the base of a word). It also uses particle markers to show the relationship between words in a sentence. 

Part One- The Basics

Lesson 1. Pronunciation

Lesson 2. Word Order, Adjectives, Personal Pronouns, Possesive Pronouns, Greetings

Lesson 3. Verbs, Particle (Object Marker) Ng

Lesson 4. Negation, Plural, Grammar Points, Another Subject, Prepostions


lesson duration: 60m

10 Basic Tagalog Words to Know


If you need to learn just ten basic Tagalog words to get by, here's a list of useful phrases to impress your Filipino friends with. Opo. Salamat. Kamusta. Oo.

Get started learning Tagalog with a few basic words!

Salamat= Thank You.

Kamusta?= How are you?

Oo= Yes.

Hindi= No. Not.

Ako= I. Me.

Ikaw= You.

Sarap!= Delicious!

Paumanhin= Sorry, excuse me.

Paalam. = Farewell.

Po (marker of respect in phrases and sentences)

When speaking in Tagalog to someone older than you, add po to words, phrases and sentences.

Salamat po.

Kamusta po?

Hindi po.

Ako po.

An exception would be Opo, which s


lesson duration: 60m

Shopping in Japan



Where can I buy electric appliances? - Denka seihin wa doko de kae masuka?

Is there a convenience store nereby?- Chikaku ni konbiniensu sutoa wa ari masuka?

What time does the pharmacy close?- Yakkyoku wa nan-ji heiten desuka?

Does that store have variety of products?-Sono mise wa shurui ga hofu desuka?

I am looking for

Are you looking for something?- Nanika osagashi desuka?

I'm looking for second-hand computers.- Chuko no konpyuta o sagashi te imasu.

Where is camera section- Kamera uriba wa doko desuka.

Watch section

lesson duration: 60m

Filipino Lesson 1


Ang mga Pilipino ay kilala sa pagiging magalang. Isa ito sa ating mga katangian na talaga namang kinalulugdan sa ating mga Pilipino. Ang ating mga anak ay dapat nating turuan na maging magalang, maging sa pang araw araw na pakikipag-usap.

Po at Opo- ang mga ito ay ginagamit kung ang kausap ay nakatatanda sa iyo.

Tao po- ginagamit ito kung bumibisita sa ibang bahay.

Maraming Salamat- sinasabi sa taong nagbigag ng tulong o anumang bagay sa iyo.

Walang anuman- sagot sa pasasalamat.

Magandang Umaga, hapon o gabi- ginagamit sa pagbati.

Mawalang galang na po- ginagamit kapag may mensaheng dapat na ipaalam.

lesson duration: 60m

Ang Kahalagahan ng Pakikipagkapwa


Ang paggalang ay hindi lamang tungkulin, ito ay isang pananagutan sa Dakilang Lumikha. Wala sa panlabas na karangyaan sa buhay kundi nasa ating mga puso ang tanggapin at igalang ang ating kapwa anuman ang katayuan sa buhay lalo pa nga't kung ito'y may kapansanan at mga kahinaan.

Mga gawain bilang paggalang sa iba:

Pagsasabi ng excuse me or sorry po

Hindi pagdura sa kalye o kahit saan lang

Makipagkaibigan anuman ang katayuan.

Umuwi ng maaga at tumulong sa gawaing bahay.

Pagpapatugtog ng hindi nakakaistorbo sa kapitbahay.

Pagsasabi ng salamat sa magandang natanggap.

Pagngiti at pagbati bilang pagpapakita ng interes sa iba.


lesson duration: 60m

Komunikasyon - Communication


Kahulugan- proseso ng pagpapadala at pagtanggap ng mensahe sa pamamagitan ng simbolikong cues na maaring berbal o di berbal. 

Sining  pagpapahayag ng kaisipan o ideya sa paraang pasalita at pasulat.

1. Katangian

Ang komunikasyon ay isang proseso



2. Ang proseso ng komunikasyon ay dinamiko

3. Ang komunikasyon ay komplikado

4. Mensahe, hindi kahulugan, ang naipapadala at natatanggap sa komunikasyon

5. Hindi tayo maaring umiwas sa komunikasyon

6. Laging may dalawang uri ng mensahe sa proseso ng komunikasyon.

lesson duration: 60m

Tagalog/ pang-ugnay


Pang-ukol ay kataga o salitang nag-uugnay sa pangngalan o panghalip sa ibang salita sa pangungusap.

Halimbawa 1. Ang kanyang nilutong ulam ay para sa kanyang asawa at mga anak.

Mga gamit ng Pang-ukol:

1. Nagpapakita ng kinalalagyan ng isang bagay.

Halimbawa: Ang pera ay nasa loob ng kuwarto ni Coby.

Upang ipakita ang dahilan o pagmamay-ari

Halimbawa: Ang bagong damit ay para kay Lita.

Pangatnig- ang tawag sa mga kataga o salitang nag-uugnay sa dalawang salita, parilala o sugnay na pinagsusunod-sunod sa pangungusap.


lesson duration: 60m

7 Aral sa Buhay mula sa isang usapan noong Weekend


Minsan, matututunan mo ang pinakamahalagang aral sa buhay sa pakikipagusap mo sa iyong mga kaibigan. Noong nakaraang Sabado nakasama ko ang aking dating kaklase noong highschool na kakagaling lang mula Singapore. Marami kaming napagusapan gaya ng mga ginawa namin noong mga nakaraang taon, mga plano sa aming kinabukasan, mga aral sa buhay na natutunan namin, at marami pang iba. Madalas hindi ko pinaguusapn ang mga iyon kasama ang aking mga kaibigan, pero may mga exceptions sila ang nakakapagbigay ng kaalaman at malalim na usapan.

lesson duration: 60m

Ano ang Pabula?


Ano ang Pabula?

Ang karaniwang pabula ay kwento kung saan mga hayop ang gumaganap at ang mga hayop na ito ay kumikilos at nagsasalita na tulad ng tao. Madalas na inilalarawan ng pabula and dalawang hayop na may magkaibang ugali at nagwawakas ang kwento na nagwawagi ang may mabuting ugali. Nag-iiwan ito ng aral sa mambabasa. Ang pabula ay tumutukoy sa pang- araw-araw na buhay sa daigdig. Sa pabula, ang mga suliranin ay nilulutas hindi ng mga kababalaghan, na tulad ng mga kwentong engkantada, kundi sa pamamagitan ng mapanusong paraan, paghahanda, o sa pamamagitan ng matalinong gawa na katulad ng tao.


lesson duration: 60m

Wika at Kultura


Wika at Kultura

Ang kultura ay ang pangkabuuang pananaw ng mga tao sa isang lipunan sa mundo at sa kanilang kapaligiran. Ang pananaw na ito ay hango sa mga paniniwala, tradisyon, uri ng pamumuhay, at iba pang mga bagay na nag-ugnay sa kanila at nagpapatibay sa bigkis ng pagkakaisa na siyang nagpapalaganapsa kanilang pangkalahatang diwa, pananaw, kaugalian, at adhikain. Ang bawat tao ay may kinabibilangang kulturana siyang kinalakhan niya at nagtuturo sa kanya s mga papel na dapat niyang gampanan sa lipunan at kung paano niya ito maisagawa sa pamamaraang maituturing na kanais-nais.

lesson duration: 60m



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