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Hi! Teacher Sasa here. ^_^ I have been teaching English for 4 years now. I took up Bachelor of Seconday Education Major in English and I'm also a licensed teacher. I can teach English to beginner, intermediate and advanced level. 

Let me teach you English where you will discover that learning can be fun and fun can be learning. See you in my class! ^-^


Lessons and Services

Free Conversation


Are you that someone who wants to express yourself in English for academic or professional purposes? Or a traveler/businessperson who will visit foreign country/ies anytime soon and needs to brush up your communication skills? Or just someone who simply wants to kill time?

Worry not! Because I got your back! ^_^
This lesson's objective is to help the learner express his/her ideas related to a particular topic by being the main speaker in the conversation. 

We can talk about everything under the sun. You can choose our topic and I can also provide you one. ^~^

Let's learn English in an effective and enjoyable way! See you! :)

lesson duration: 30m

Basic Pronunciation Practice


Read this: cap, cop, cup. Is there a difference? Yes, there is! Most people are not aware of the vowel sounds. They are not very particular with pronunciation because they thought that it isn't really a big deal. Don't be one of those people. :)

To be an effective English speaker, you must be mindful not just with grammar and sentence construction but with the pronunciation as well.
Let me help you with that. ^_^

This lesson aims to help the student learn the pronunciation for each sound and how to spell each sound. 
Learn how to pronounce sounds in American English in an effective and enjoyable way. See you! :)

lesson duration: 30m

Reading Articles


Time to level up your English skills! ^_^

This lesson is perfect for learners who want to enhance their listening, speaking, and comprehension skills. You will be provided with interesting articles with activities such as True or False, Synonym Match, Comprehension Questions and Discussion all rolled into one! Sounds great, right? ^~^

Read and learn in an effective and enjoyable way. See you! :)

lesson duration: 50m

Dictation Lessons


Want to improve your listening skills?
Then try this lesson which provides dictation exercises to enhance your listening, reading, spelling, vocabulary and grammar. ^_^

In this lesson, the learner will be provided a topic of his/her choice. The learner is expected to type what the teacher will read. This lesson aims the accuracy and not the typing speed. 

Focus is they key, so listen carefully in an effective and enjoyable way. See you! :)

lesson duration: 30m



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