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Hello there, I am Julius Don! 

I have been teaching English for 9 years now.
This job is more than fun for me!
I have delivered lessons to students of various ages, abilities and backgrounds.
I have handled one-on-one lessons and group classes as well.

I teach all Levels from beginners to advance: 
Freetalk/Accent/Business/Travel/Kids/Group/ Reviews for 

I can say speaking sessions excite me the most for this also give my students their much-needed opportunity in expressing their thoughts in English.
Since I am into reading online articles, it is not that difficult for me to find a common ground with them.
Being a teacher turned me into a better listener and transformed me into a more compassionate individual.
Through teaching, I have come to value learning and sharing to a greater extent.

Learning a language can be quite a challenge.
There can be times when it can get really tough.
But hey, no need to worry.

There's no easier way to learn that to be with someone who really cares for you..and that's why I'm here!Let's gain language proficiency together.

My goal is to make your class lively and exciting while you're learning. I can't wait to see you. Let's work on
reaching success together. 

I am absolutely delighted to study English with you really soon, see you! 



Lessons and Services

Business English


Course Description
We are offering a practical Business English Program for the
enhancement of commercial and cross-cultural communication

The course is designed for business executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and business graduates to build language confidence through improved comprehension and to develop fluency and accurate pronunciation.

Small Groups
Targeted Business Language
Client Needs Analysis
Study 1 to 12 weeks
Certificate upon Completion
The Business English Course integrates the Intensive English course (Integrated Skills) with targeted business language components, including:
- Business Environment
- Presentations & Meetings
- Marketing Fundamentals
- Sales & Advertising
- Negotiating Skills
- Cross-Cultural Communication
- Phone Skills
- Leadership & People Skills
- Financial Practices

Business English students will gain a broad perspective on the business world today, while at the same time developing fluency in English.


lesson duration: 25m



Are web based classes better than class room courses? what're the differences? Not only to community colleges appeal to a big number of pupils, but they cater to various learning styles as well with the access to web based classes as well as conventional class room courses. Based on a 2014 survey, about 46% of university students are taking a minumum of one electronic learning and it is projected that at least 50% of all college courses will be offered on-line by 2019. Not only is on-line learning an advantage for community college students, but big corporations will also be beginning to use e learning as an exercise routine. 

Even graduate school are benefiting from on-line options to follow their levels. According to an article printed by U.S. News, of an estimated 2.9 million graduate school in the US, more than 20% of them study only on-line - that number of closer to 11% for undergraduates. Online learning is getting more popualr every year as well as the difference in quality between the two alternatives grows ever smaller. Many pupils have declared that they don't see a significant difference in the quality or depth of instruction they received through web based classes and that they received from conventional class room courses. 

With web based courses, professors can instruct from anyplace at any moment - they may also design the whole class ahead of time and just post it on-line for pupils to access at their convenience. Many community colleges employ adjunct faculty to teach on-line classes so the availability of options isn't limited by the college team. Students who want to take courses on-line have an almost unlimited array of options to select from. Higher flexibility - web based classes are presented in a very various way from conventional class room courses. In a lot of cases, teachers for web based classes prepare their weekly training material and after that make it available to students online. 

Multimedia options - Among the greatest advantages of on-line classes is that educational materials can be presented in several various ways. The professor may also provide students with access to additional resources like on-line videos, PowerPoint presentations, web sites, electronic books, and more. With an on-line class, not only could you learn at your very own pace, but you may access and incorporate other research components to complement your understanding as you gain mastery over the topic. Taking courses on-line might give you a chance to save even more money because you don't have to physically travel to the class room and you don't need to live on or near campus.

1. Powerful online video tutorials.
2. Online interactive English fun learning.
3. Best quality teaching materials.
4. A step-by-step guide to drive learning at its best.
5. Top-secret tips to bring out your top most English skills.
6. Interactive learning tests and live classes

lesson duration: 25m



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