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Roxas City, Western Visayas, Philippines
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Im Kazumi and I live in the Philippines. I'm half Japanese and Half Filipino.Hello my name is Kazumi and I live in the Philippines. I am half Japanese half Filipino.Hi , Im Miimii  and  I live in the Philippines.I am very active, kind, funny, and bubbly. I help my students understand our lesson very well. I give them time to express their own opinions and thoughts about our topic . It is important for me to give time for my students because it is one of my purpos e. To make them feel like they are given time for understanding is important.
I feel blessed that I am given the oppurtunity to help my students learn english. That's why I always make our classes fun and exiciting. I insert humor if ever my class gets boring.  I encourage most of my students to NEVER STOP learning english.I love having conversations with my students. Because in that way I can truly help them with their sentences. It can also enhance thair vocabulary with the words their using. That's why free talking is very important. 
I love teaching, It is my passion ever since! I love knowing that my students learn new things from me. It makes me feel proud. I like teaching Phonics. For me It is the first step of truly learning English. Without knowing the phonics English would be useless. 
I also like teaching vocabulary. It helps students ubderstand words for them to put up in a complete sentence. I also like reading stories to students and after that I test their comprehension skills. In this area we will know if the student listens well and understands the story. It helps them to be a conversationalist. I also do spellings. I give my students quizzes about words. And then check if they spelled it correctly. After that I will try to ask them if they understand the word and if not I will give them The meaning. So I applied as an English teacher not only because Im good at English but also to help those who are in need of help with the english language. It make me feel happy and blessed to see my students learn new things because of me. I feel so overwhelmed hearing my students speak english because they learned it from me. And lastly, I am a proud ESL TEACHER! 


Lessons and Services

Conversational English


Conversational English 

this type of lesson gives you more confidence when talking to foreign people using the English language.

This lesson will enhance you over all English oral speaking..

Especially your vocabulary and listening skills.

lesson duration: 45m



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