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Happy New Year to all of you!
This is an image of the First Sunrise of 2017 in Japan. In Japanese: 2017の初めての日の出。May this be an inspiration for all of you who intend to learn a new language this year. And to all language instructors all over the world may you find 2017 a productive and liberating year.

Wishing you all and especially users a successful 2017! Qaiwa will be in full speed ahead in 2017!

Today is the start of normal working days in Japan. Some salarymen are still reeling from the past new year’s events and long vacations. In some other countries working men and women started working as early as Monday, January 2. I hope that they could go back to work excited and inspired and looking forward to what 2017 would bring them.

It’s true, there will be many disruptions and uncertainties, especially in the changing political landscape all over the world. But with all these uncertainties and disruptions comes new opportunities. Opportunities to do good, and to do better, and to improve. Opportunities to learn about how the world works and how to stay on top.

At we value learning and self-improvement. We particularly highlight the need to follow through and to be persistent. Those are the qualities you need to be successful in this changing world. There are strategies and tools out there that you could use to help you along the way, but there is just no short cut this world. If you want to be successful, you really have to put in the work. There is just no other way.

That does not mean we have to be negative fearing what 2017 has in store for us. Indeed, our perspective in life can make hard work fun, and the simplest work grueling. Depending on your perspective, taking the long cut could be more adventurous and exciting than the taking the short cut. In all our struggles in life it is only our perspective that matters.

Looking at the image above, the first sunrise of 2017, you see how beautiful and inspiring it is. It gives us a symbol to look forward to. The woman in the silhouette looks positively engaged and could handle anything you throw at her. We feel the same way. What if I say that the image is fake and is just a photoshopped stock photo taken from the internet, and it’s not even a sunrise but a sunset pict of just an ordinary day, would it change your perspective?

It should not change your perspective. A sunset is equally beautiful as a sunrise, and any day’s sunrise is equally inspiring as the first sunrise of 2017. An inspiring picture is still an inspiring picture – depending on how you view it. Everything is not what it seems. In the end, your perspective about the matter is the only thing that matters.

A successful 2017 to you all.

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