How To Personalize Your ESL Class So Each Student Feels Valued

Whether you are teaching an individual or a group of people, making a connection is just as vital as teaching the actual lesson. When you personalize your interaction with students, learning is more effective. You can be the most knowledgeable and accomplished ESL teacher, but without your student’s interest, you can’t fully succeed in your teaching goals for your ESL class. One of the best…

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New Qaiwa English Course Outlines: Professionals and Hobbyists

Hello Qaiwa instructors. We are please to inform you that we have completed the other two English outlines for professionals and hobbyists to join our already published course outline for students. We now have three English course outlines that instructors could use and expand in their teaching sessions with our students: 1. Qaiwa Students: A Course Outline for Student Learners This course outline includes lessons and…

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Introducing: Qaiwa’s Lesson Outline for Students

Here at Qaiwa, we strive to equip language teachers with the tools to enrich learning for their students. That’s why we’re excited to announce the Qaiwa Lesson Outline for Students, the first in a series of outlines. This outline is designed specifically for high school and university students who want to practice and master their English skills for a brighter future ahead. The Qaiwa Lesson…

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6 Career Advantages of Knowing A Second Language

It’s no secret that knowing a second language will give you tons of benefits. However, there are a few important ones that will help you in your career. Whether it’s landing your dream job, or exploring a different industry altogether, a second language will surely take you there. Here are some benefits of being bilingual that can affect your success in the workplace. 1. Standing…

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5 Great YouTube Channels That Teach You To Speak And Learn English

YouTube is a great website to use if you’re looking for videos to watch and learn about anything under the sun. It’s free and there are thousands of YouTube channels created for different learning purposes. You can even use it to learn English. Simply search “Learn English” on the search bar and you’ll get over 34 thousand results. With these many videos, how do you…

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Okamoto’s “Lagoon” Video Uses Google Translate App

The next generation of translation gadgets are here: smart phones enabled by Google Translate. You can see how it’s effectively used by Okamoto’s in their rock video, Lagoon. (Wow they sound good too).
Anybody use this yet?

Google Translate has some limitations, in that the app can only effectively translate one to two-word phrases. Hmmn, very interesting.

See how Okamoto’s uses only one word snippets to show how the app works. Do you wonder what it would be like if you use the app to translate paragraphs in real time?

Nevertheless, highly recommends that you install this app in your phones especially when you’re traveling. It could save your life in unexpected places. Try it for yourself and play some Okamoto’s songs too while you’re at it.


For those who think Okamoto’s is a cool band, visit their homepage.

How To Create A Lesson Plan For An Engaging Language Class

Creating the perfect lesson plan for your language learning class may not happen overnight. In fact, it may take some time. The truth is, you can never truly predict how your students will respond to a lesson until you’ve done it with them. Because of this, the perfect lesson plan may not really exist. However, there are many tips from language teaching experts that will…

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