Why You Should Join Us?


To all students out there, this is why you'll love Qaiwa:

1. We give you total freedom to choose.

► Choose from thousands of instructors registered at Qaiwa.

► Choose whether you’d like your lessons to be done face-to-face or online.

► Set your budget for learning and stick to it.

► Take only lessons whenever you like it, no one will force you to sign in on a plan.


2. We can help you find instructors, if you wish so.

We understand that life can be hectic so we’d be happy to take some of your burden and help find a good instructor. Contact us and tell us your preferences and requirements and then you can just lay back and wait for our recommendations. Even then you’ll be free to choose among the list of our recommendations.


3. Our solution just works.

► You can use a PC, a tablet, or a smart phone to use Qaiwa.

► Search is straightforward and enjoyable to use.

► You can use the messaging function inside Qaiwa, but you could also invoke Skype to send messages.

► We provide you with relevant timely resources to help you in your studies.


4. You are secure with us.

► You don’t need to worry about payment with third-party unknown entities, you just deal with us, a legitimate registered corporation based in Tokyo, Japan.

► Our payment system is secured by Paypal the most tried and tested payment system in the net. Or you could use traditional bank transfer for payment.

► Students’ profile is not searchable whether the searcher is logged in or not. Student’s profile only become available to instructors that the student contacted.


Why language instructors will be better-off teaching at Qaiwa:

1. Better financial rewards for your time and lessons.

Do the math. You’ll earn much more if you don’t give half of your earnings to the conversation schools you’re employed at. Qaiwa get’s only 15% commission compared to 40 ~ 60% that conversation schools out there.


2. Freedom and Flexibility

► You can freely set the price value of your services. And we don't get the lion's share of your earnings!

► You are free to determine the time you’re available for teaching.

► We don’t tell you how to do your job, we just give you advice and give you relevant resources from time to time.

► Instructors don’t need to efforts to market their services. They just build their profiles completely and Qaiwa will do the marketing for them.


3. We value your services as if it is the life value of Qaiwa.

One reason why we started Qaiwa is that we saw the difficult situations language instructors are going through. They’re working long hours but receiving so little remuneration from their work. The bulk of the profit is pocketed by the language schools who employs them.

Qaiwa, in the contrary, will only receive a minimum commission so that instructors can enjoy more the fruit of their labors. Since Qaiwa will not require teachers to spend time at the office, the time saved can help instructors to pursue other opportunities to help their professional advancement. We will also be proactive in helping instructors develop their lessons be more effective and useful for students.

Usually, language instructors are foreigners in the country they’re teaching at. In Japan, English teachers are mostly foreigners. And besides being alone in a foreign country, foreigners in Japan are considered second-class citizen.


Qaiwa is different from the rest in 4 important ways:

1. We give our users the ultimate choice
First of all at Qaiwa students have vast instructors to choose from. We enable the Qaiwa site to accommodate all teachers of languages all over the world. For students who prefer face-to-face assistance, it's easy to do location search for instructors near the student's house. If the student just want a conversation partner to practice her speaking ability, she can opt for any online conversation instructors and they can practice using freely available online video-audio chat software for a reasonable price per hour.


2. We give instructors freedom and flexibility
If students have choices, our instructors at Qaiwa are free and flexible to set how much they will earn per hour of their service and how much work they want to do every day. Instructors set their own prices, they will have their own schedule, and they can create different lessons for individual students who require different needs.


3. We’ll have the widest reach
Simply put, we have global reach. Our list of instructors are not limited to how many we can employ part-time at a certain location. No, our teachers are all over the Japan, and all over the world. We do not need to employ them, they know that offering their services at Qaiwa first hand will give them more freedom, flexibility, and better remuneration. So we are optimistic that we could capture language instructors based abroad who wants to teach part-time even if it is online only.


4. Prices will be competitive
Since we do not intend to receive more than 15% of commission per lesson, local teachers can lower their prices against existing market price for face-to-face lessons and still earn more than what their employers are currently paying them. For online teachers in third-world countries such as the Philippines, they can set their prices higher than what they are receiving from their current employers and still be able to outprice their employers since their employers sell their services here in Japan for more than double of what they are receiving.


Our mission and making a positive impact in the world.

The company behind Qaiwa, Open Japan LLC, is a company that strongly believe in the idea that we can make a living out of helping people. Helping to improve the socio-economic problems in the world is the main mission of Open Japan LLC, and Qaiwa is a major part of this mission. Since we are based in Japan our starting point is also Japan, and we start with women empowerment, lowering barriers to education, and empowering foreigners in Japan.

Specifically, Open Japan LLC makes it a point to employ equal numbers of men and women in our workplace, taking extra care to give equal opportunities to women and recognize their contribution to the company and to society as a whole.

We also strive to keep prices low by keeping our commissions up to the minimum so that students can afford it. We could not have achieved the low level of pricing that students now can readily avail without our open system.

Finally, we are also very concerned about the plight of foreign teachers in Japan as well as the teachers abroad. Usually much of their earnings (usually as much as 40~60%) goes to their employers. This might be understandable given their employer's business model and cost structures, but by removing these costs and keeping our commissions to the minimum, we can assure teachers that they can price their services competitively, earn enough living, and still have the flexibility to do something else and grow.


Our Mission Statement: By harnessing the power, excitement, and wisdom of the global community, Qaiwa provides a unique platform where students can easily find effective language instructors according to their particular needs and budget.

Qaiwa Vision: We envision a world where women are empowered, foreigners are first class citizens, and everyone is bilingual.